Froling Enterprises

About Froling Enterprises

Froling Enterprises is a small web development company based in Orroroo, in the mid-north of South Australia.

We have been building websites for over a decade and have seen many changes in the industry. The rapid explosion of internet-based applications and gradual but ever-increasing uptake of these new technologies never ceases to amaze.

Essentially the business is run by a small team that has a broad range of skills, which enable us to produce high-quality websites that get your business "out there", very economically.

Ring us and have a talk about what you are contemplating, or pop in to our office in Orroroo, we can help. Contact details.

Stu Nankivell

Stu Nankivell

Graphic Design, Web Development, Animation, Visual Effects, Video Production

Like many kids born in the late 1970s, my first experience with a home computer was with a technical marvel known as a Commodore 64. It was with this chunky hardware and sepia monochrome screen that  I discovered the joy of making computer generated content. The graphics I produced were gloriously blocky, yielding nothing like the results I could conjure up with a pencil and paintbrush. The film making tools I also yearned for were way beyond the grasp of the eight year old me - a skinny, curly haired farm boy, who instead filled the creative void by spending hours in our farm's deteriorated blacksmith workshop - armed with a length of PVC pipe and home made ninja weapons, I would do battle with robots made from old chemical drums and oil filters.

From here, it would be quite some time before computers would be a fun creative tool again - the cranky maths teachers who taught computer studies at school did little to fuel my enthusiasm to operate a device that seemed nothing more than a 'business machine', nor did cranking out uninspired essays during my time at University.

This all changed when after I graduated from Uni in 1998 and enrolled in a Diploma in Multimedia course at Prides Business College. Suddenly the tools to create animations, visual effects, movies and websites were tangible - and here was a place where they taught you how to do those things!

More than a decade on and I'm privileged to continue working in a field which I am so passionate about. My role at Froling Enterprises is to make designs and presentations that effectively communicate to the general public and business owners alike. Like Tim, my life experience has given me a very practical approach to my work; design elements need to tell a story, or at least need a reason to exist - arty fluff isn't going to help anybody.

I'm at my most inspired when I'm making things for other people, so whether its logo design, animation, video production or web development, let us help you with your business or service.

Tim Froling

Tim Froling

Web Development, IT Support, DNS and Hosting Management, Photography, Programming

Because of my background, I have a real-world attitude to the internet and its associated technologies. Largely self taught in the the IT fields that I now work in, I have written content management systems in PHP and even created online database management systems for NGO's. However seeing the strengths of platform-based web development, I'm happy leave these core applications to the communities and companies that do such a good job developing them and customise them to suit our needs where necessary.

I grew up in a suburb of Melbourne, starting my working life as a carpenter after completing year 12. Leaving the city after finishing the trade I headed off around Australia, spending a couple of years around the Flinders Ranges, eventually making it as far as Birdsville and Bedourie in the channel country.

Returning to the Ouback of SA, Marree then Coober Pedy became home for several years, where I worked as a licensed builder. Eventually, after a short stint in Adelaide, the Flinders Ranges and Orroroo beckoned once again, and in 1996, the tree change included delving into professional photography and computer related services.

With the accessibility of a young internet, first through slow dial-up connections, later a one-way satellite feed and then ADSL, web development became a major part of what I do.